PAST STARS   Emily Crowe Emily started gymnastics at the age of 5 and was coached by her current personal coach, Sara-Jane Inglis from the age of 7, until her eventual retirement in 2014. Emily had amazing natural talent and a "gymnastics brain" - she was able to learn very difficult skills quickly and easily. She has extremely powerful legs which helped to make her a strong vaulter and tumbler, she also became more and more steady on beam as her career progressed. Bars was always a much bigger challenge for Emily and she had to work extremely hard to gain full FIG requirements on this piece. Emily was TNAG's first gymnast to be included in the Great Britain Squad, having earned a place in the World Class Start Squad for 2009-2010 and 2010-2011, the World Class Potential Squad for 2011-2012 and then into Junior and ultimately the Senior GB squad up until 2013. She was also the first gymnast from the Academy to be selected to represent Great Britain, a feat which she achieved several times in her career. Emily was selected for the Australian Youth Olympic Games in Sydney in 2013 but unfortunately she suffered a serious elbow injury, which would ultimately limit what she was able to achieve for the rest of her career, and was unable to make the trip to Australia. Despite the physical limitations which arose from this injury, Emily adapted as only someone with such immense talent and dedication could do, to recover most of her skills and compete again at national and international level. Emily is now attending University in London training to be a nurse, and drops into the club when back in Norfolk. Emily received financial support from Broadland District Council and The Joanna Scott Foundation throughout her career. Polina Poliakova Polina joined TNAG when it opened in 2008 and quickly rose through the ranks as she showed extreme amounts of hard work, commitment and dedication to achieve her goals. Polina took her compulsory levels “out of age”, enabling her to qualify to the British championships. Polina was a long serving member of the England squad and competed several times for her country. One of her highlights was finishing third overall at the Rushmoor Rosebowl international in 2012. After finishing her competitive career in the UK Polina attended Rutger’s University in the USA as a member of their gymnastics team. Bethany Harmer Bethany joined TNAG shortly after its opening in 2008 and showed extreme amounts of natural ability which saw her rise quickly through the ranks and to start on the elite national development plan in 2009. She was a particularly strong beam worker and had a natural star quality, loving to perform on the big stage. In 2010 she finished fourth overall in the level 3 combined rankings for her age and was named as a member of the Home Nations Great Britain Development squad. Bethany passed compulsory level 2 in 2011 thus qualifying for the British Championships but sadly never competed at this level, retiring from the later that same year. Sarah Kett Sarah had done gymnastics since her pre-school days, and started with TNAG just before its official opening in 2008. Sarah was a naturally very powerful gymnast, excelling on vault and floor. She was part of CCS1 training with Tracy for the duration of her career at TNAG, competing to a high level in regional and national events. Summer-Jade Kenzitt Summer was the eldest of three siblings who made the ultimate commitment to their sport and club, moving to the area to enable the girls to train at TNAG, which they did from just before its official 2008 opening. Summer had started on the elite path but switched to national grades where she qualified for one of the earliest national grade finals. Summer competed at the national Espoir challenge cup in Gloucester in 2009. Sadly, not long afterwards she had to retire from gymnastics due to injury. Naomi Loome Naomi was previously a competitive gymnast at Norwich GC coached by sara-Jane. She had given up gymnastics prior to TNAG but re-started her training in CCS once the club opened and has remained a permanent fixture ever since. Naomi was a very gifted vaulter and tumbler and competed at county and regional level, becoming the regional out of age 2 champion in 2010. As soon as she stopped competing, Naomi immediately started a career in coaching which now sees her as one of the club’s performance coaching team. Laura Glover Laura started her gymnastics at TNAG in the Competitive Intermediate group but quickly showed fantastic levels of natural ability and rose up through the ranks to CCS1 where she worked with Tracy Appleby very successfully for a number of years, making national grades finals and winning regional medals, before moving up to ECS. There Laura continued her development and became an especially accomplished gymnast on floor and vault, where she had great power. Laura won two medals on these pieces at the national junior Challenge Cup in 2015. She also competed at the English championships and the Bill Slater team championships and was a member of the TNAG regional team championship winning team in 2015 where she also won several individual medals. Lowri Davies Lowri transferred to TNAG in 2010 and initially started in the intermediate classes. She showed natural talent combined with determination to succeed and progressed through into the club grade foundation squad and eventually to CCS working with Tracy Appleby. Lowri found bars to be a challenge but was a very strong vaulter and tumbler and also an artistic performer. She built up a strong medal collection covering grades and voluntary levels at county and regional events and in 2015 she achieved her aim of competing at FIG level, as part of the Norfolk inter-county gold medal winning team and she also competed in the FIG challenge section of the regional championships in that same year. Olivia Syder Olivia transferred from a recreational club to TNAG in spring 2008 following the club’s first talent selection day, and immediately made a strong impact. With excellent natural strength and ability Olivia quickly became one of the leaders of her development group and enjoyed success in both grades and voluntary competitions and eventually moved up into ECS. Olivia started out on the elite path in 2010 enjoying success at compulsory and voluntary level 4 and then switched to the new national grades system in 2010. Here Olivia really found her forte, taking regional silver and making the East team for the national finals at grade 8, where she finished 6th individually as well as taking gold with the team. In the same year Olivia was Norfolk level 4 aged 10-11 years champion, and the regional beam champion in the same category. As one of the jokers of the group, the gym was never dull when Olivia was training and even when facing challenges, Olivia was always a valued member of her squad. She was very proud to be the first TNAG gymnast to compete the full set of national grades, when in 2014 she once again qualified for the national grades final as part of the East team. Olivia retired in 2015 and has obtained her level 1 coaching qualification. Kylah Tranfield Kylah moved to TNAG in 2012 and showed great commitment and tenacity in re-learning many of her techniques and skills so as to set her on a path to progress. Kylah had a strong competitive temperament and a natural ability on bars. She made the East team for the national grade finals for National Grade 6 in 2014 and National Grade 1 in 2015. Also in 2015, Kylah had excellent Challenge Cup debut at Espoir Level and was part of the TNAG team for the Bill Slater Team Championships. After stepping back from competitive gymnastics herself, Kylah very quickly started to show a great natural aptitude for coaching and now works with the club’s development level gymnasts. Grace Luckhurst Grace started gymnastics shortly after TNAG opened in 2008 and her ability quickly became obvious in her recreational class, and she joined the development squad for her age group under Helen Inglis, who was her personal coach for her entire gymnastics journey. Grace started out on the elite path in 2010 and had success at levels 5 and 4, including making the national finals, there before switching to national grades. A beautiful aesthetic performer on both beam and floor, Grace brought style to all that she did.   Miriam Lowe Mim also joined the recreational set up at TNAG from its opening in early 2008 and also took part in the inaugural Talents Selection Day and was a founder member of EDS02. From there, she showed a good aptitude to hard work and became one of the leading lights of the squad, progressing into ECS2 under Helen Inglis in 2009. She took compulsory and voluntary level 4 in age in 2011 and reached the national compulsory final finishing in an excellent 12th place. Mim also made the East team for the National finals at National grade 7, finishing 12th individually. Mim had some very bad luck with severe illness and injury, having to miss some important competitions or having limited preparation time, but she always remained committed and dedicated despite these set backs. Her natural ability enabled her to reach a high level in the sport and compete some difficult skills (Mim is one of the early entrants in the club’s Double Back Club board). Mim was a part of the club’s Bill Slater national club team in 2014 and 2015. Emma Hill Another 2002 born gymnast to start recreational classes at TNAG as it opened, Emma was perhaps the front-runner of that talented generation. She was the highest scoring gymnast in the whole of the first talent selection day in spring 2008 and was a founding member of the development squad for the 2002 born girls. The physical side of gymnastics always came easily for Emma, her main challenge was always dealing with her own perfectionism! Emma made the East team for the initial compulsory and in age voluntary national finals, and perhaps her early career highlight came when she finished fifth individually at compulsory level 4. Despite her outstanding natural ability, Emma did not always enjoy competition and, as such, she took several breaks from that side of the sport, always returning with determination, ease and finding more success; notably at the national finals for Grade 2 in 2015 where she won Bronze individually and in the out of age level 2 regionals that same year where she took overall gold. Emma was a part of the club’s Bill Slater teams in 2015 and 2016 and the regional FIG team winning squad and FIG inter-counties winning Norfolk team, also both in 2015. Emma continues to train at TNAG and it was only exam and academic demands which kept her away from yet another competitive comeback! Erin Houlihan Erin was quickly selected for the club’s development programme when her petite frame combined with high levels of natural strength were immediately noticeable in her recreational class. Erin was a member of ECS2 coached by Helen Inglis and made a strong start to her competitive career in 2011 at club grade 14 (now 6) and followed this up with very encouraging results in 2012 at compulsory and in age level 4, reaching the national final for both events. Erin switched to national grades and out of age levels in 2013 and continued to have success here. She always showed high quality gymnastics when representing TNAG and was a very popular team member who always made her friends and coaches laugh! Erin continues to train at the club and assist with recreational and intermediate classes. Isabella Lamberti Isabella was plucked from her Intermediate classes at TNAG, having shown great work ethic as well as excellent power and potential on Floor and Vault. She moved from a Foundation squad group to ECS2 in 2012 and made her first National Final in 2013 at National Grade 6. Isabella had to work hard to make her Beam and Bars as strong as the other two events but with clean gymnastics and a good competition temperament she achieved a lot of success, winning numerous medals at County Competition as well as at Regional level. Isabella was part of the TNAG Bill Slater team in 2012. Isabella suffered a little with injury setbacks and later moved to CCS2, experiencing success at Regional grade level. Now a valued member of the coaching team, TNAG is still very much part of Isabella’s life. Eleanor Hayward Having been selected for the 2002 Development Squad a 7 year old, Eleanor re – joined TNAG in 2012. Her work ethic and quiet determination helped Eleanor develop rapidly and once she had built a solid foundation skill level she flourished. She overcame several hurdles to become a very successful gymnast. Eleanor holds the accolade for winning a Regional title at each Voluntary level she entered, and with some style. Level 4 in 2013, Level 3 in 2014 and Level 2 in 2016. She made national grade finals - representing the East team in 2013 and 2016, as well as at the Rushmoor International event in 2016 and represented the club at the British Team Championships in 2013 and 2016. Perhaps the highlight for Eleanor, after a strong showing at the English Championships in 2017, was making the England squad for that year where she represented her Country at the Sandra Clarke invitational competition. Without doubt Eleanor is one of the clubs most artistic of gymnasts and her beautiful floor routines will not be forgotten. Emma Atkin Emma was one of the first gymnasts who rose through the TNAG development squads and stayed with the club for her entire career. She was selected into the first Mini Squad aged only 5 in 2009 where she showed amazing physical and mental abilities for her age. Emma continued to progress and eventually started on the elite competitive route in 2013 and she continued through that route right through until compulsory 1, making her the first TNAG gymnast to complete her full set of compulsories with the club. She won the regional compulsory 4 title in that time, and frequently took national titles as part of a very strong East region team of 2005 babies. At voluntary level 2 in 2016 Emma had her best national individual result placing 5th in the national final, a result which saw her selected as part of the GB Home Nations Development Squad for 2017. Emma competed at the British Espoir championships later that year and two events on the podium in Liverpool at the 2018 Championships. However, sadly by this time injury had started to take its toll on Emma and she retired from gymnastics early in 2019. Emma continued to train for fitness and fun in the club and is a member of its Leadership Academy. Alice Tall Alice joined the 2004/05 born development squad at TNAG in 2010 and, like most members of that group, went on to achieve a great deal in the sport. Alice had a natural strength on bars which helped propel her forwards to promising results right from the start of her competitive career; where she achieved regional medals through the early club grades, before switching to national grades at the first opportunity. Alice was as strong with her voluntary results as with her grades and achieved numerous county and regional medals in both sectors. Perhaps her greatest individual result came at the national final for grade 2 in 2016 where she took an incredible individual overall silver medal. Alice also competed at the Challenge Cup in 2016 and represented TNAG at the Bill Slater club team championships in that same year. Alice became one of a very select group of gymnasts to compete the full set of national grades when she completed her grade 1 and made the national final once again in 2019. Alice continues to train for fitness and fun, is a member of the Leadership Academy and is showing great promise as a young coach assisting with recreational classes and the young development squads. Laura-Rose Cooke Laura moved to TNAG in 2010 and has been a member of the Elite Competition Squad for ten years. Laura competed in compulsories and then later national grades where she had considerable success both regionally (regional champion at grades 7, 6 and 5) and nationally where she represented the East at the national finals for each of those years and placed 6th at grades 7 and 6, 4th at grade 5). Laura also competed nationally in the voluntary in age finals, placing an impressive 11th overall at that event in 2012. The following year, in 2013, Laura made her debut at the national Challenge Cup and the English championships - both were competitions where she enjoyed considerable success over her career - in that first English championships she placed an impressive 16th in the Espoir section which saw her selected as a member of the England gymnastics squad for the year, a place which she would lose only once but otherwise hold for the rest of her gymnastics career in GB. Laura often achieved great results at the English championships Despite these early successes it was really as Laura matured and developed through the junior ranks, that she came into her own as an elite performer. She always had great spatial awareness and a calm mentality but combined this with an increase in strength, power and desire as she grew older and this enabled her to add a considerable number of high level skills to her programme across this period which made her extremely competitive at all levels. In 2016, she achieved the pass mark at the junior Challenge Cup (as well as the overall bronze medal), and this enabled her to fulfil her long term aim of competing at the British Championships which she did from 2017-2019 inclusive - her best result came in the junior section in 2017 where she finished 17th overall, a year later she placed 22nd as a senior and was first reserve for the final, and she made the vault final itself in 2019. Alongside these performances international selections started to call for Laura via her England squad membership. After a couple of appearances at the Rushmoor Rosebowl Laura was selected for the Leverkusen Cup in Germany in 2017 where she helped England to the team silver and performed brilliantly as an individual to take the gold medal overall. She followed this up with an even bigger medal haul at the Salamunov Memoral competition in Slovenia in 2018 - this time as a member of England A she took team gold, another gold overall plus apparatus golds on vault and beam and silvers on bars and floor. Of course Laura continued to compete for TNAG throughout this time, taking countless regional honours as an individual and leading the club teams to four regional FIG team titles in a row, and leading Bill Slater and Adrian Stan teams to their own high ranking finishes. In December 2019 Laura said a temporary goodbye to TNAG as she moved to the USA to start at Iowa State University as a member of their gymnastics team. Laura continues to train with us once home from University and continues to inspire and support everyone connected with the club.

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